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Teaching Kids the Value of Thrifting

Shopping with kids can be overwhelming. Keeping them engaged in the task at hand while hearing a non-stop badgering of “I want this” and “Can you buy me that?” is no easy feat. But learning how to be a conscientious, value-driven shopper is a great lesson for kids of any age. One way to teach these good habits is by showing your children the excitement and importance of thrift shopping.

This July and August, ReUzit on State is making this learning fun with a treasure hunt through the store. Throughout the month of July, pop into the store with the kiddos in your life and pick up a treasure hunt paper. The treasure hunt will take them through the store to answer questions about the displays and learn more about the importance of thrifting generally for the health of the environment and at ReUzit on State, in particular, for supporting the efforts of Mennonite Central Committee.

Throughout the self-led or family assisted treasure hunt, kids will learn things like how many gallons of water it takes to make a t-shirt, and the impact a donation has on another child. The questions will also prompt them to explore and find new corners of the store, engaging them in all the wonder of finding that perfect item in a thrift store. Once they have finished the paper and you’ve signed it, they can drop it in the treasure chest by the door to be entered to win a $10-dollar ReUzit on State gift card.

This activity is just one way to teach kids about the importance of conscientious consuming habits. Teaching the kids in your life about money and budgeting is also a great opportunity to teach them about the benefits of thrifting both for your wallet and for the environment. Thrifting is also fun; you never know exactly what you’ll find which leaves room for kids’ creativity and individuality to show. The next time you give a gift to a kid in your life, think about a thrift gift card or trip to the thrift store instead of a trip to the mall or big box store.

And stop in to ReUzit on State throughout July and August to take part in the treasure hunt!

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