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Thrift Stores are a College Student's Best Friend.

Getting ready to go to college, for the first time or for your senior year, can be an overwhelming task filled with to-do lists and shopping lists that feel never ending. Between dorm gear, fall clothes, and school supplies, the costs can quickly pile up too. Thankfully, thrift stores can make this process easier, acting as a one-stop shop for most of what you’ll need for your academic career.

Thrift stores like ReUzit on State, stock things like affordable dorm furniture, helpful books, and trendy clothes perfect for college students looking to design their dorm room, ace the school year, and look good doing it.

When shopping for your dorm room, look to make things cohesive by finding an item you love, like a vintage wood nightstand, and basing your other picks off of that favorite piece. For example, you’d want to make sure any other wood pieces you buy, like a desk or bookshelf, complement the wood stain and design of the nightstand. Thrift stores, like ReUzit, are also great places to find desk lamps, storage solutions (like bins and desk organizers), and small rugs.

Right before my freshman year of college, I bought a lamp at ReUzit that I still use to this day, four years later. It didn’t break the bank and its quality has shown through, lasting me through three different moves.

When it comes to books, which can be wildly expensive, ReUzit on State’s BOOKSAVERS program can be a great resource for finding textbooks and schoolbooks you’ll need for class. Some books are stocked in store but even more can be found online here in a searchable inventory.

Lastly, thrift stores are a great place to look for fall clothes. From vintage coats to autumnal skirts, thrifting is a great way to get a sustainable closet while also looking your best for class, on-campus jobs, and hanging out with friends. Try out these tips when you go shopping for college and happy studying!

By Madeleine Jantz, Guest Blogger; Madeleine is a Lancaster-raised NYC-based journalist on the entertainment and Fashion beats. In her free time she is an avid thrifter.

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