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Clothing From Thrift Shops

Do You Love Shopping in Thrift Shops? Clothing from Thrift Shops Make a Difference

When you think about a thrift store, what do you imagine? Do you think about fantastic secondhand clothing from thrift shops and items that you can use to make your home look more beautiful? Do you think about a teen going off to college and needing to furnish their first home? Do you think about saving money? All of these ideas about thrifting are true, but there are so many other good reasons to thrift. From saving the environment to providing funds to a nonprofit organization that helps communities around the world, we know how important thrifting can be for communities. Here at ReUzit on State, we want you to enjoy our shop and know that you’re making a meaningful contribution whether you’re buying, donating or volunteering with us.

We run our shop with daily deals and silent auctions. We also provide a store map that you can take a look at online. That store map makes it simple for you to shop with us, even if you’re not familiar with the format of our store.

Best of all, we now furniture delivery! Although our movers cannot come into your home because of COVID-19, they will deliver to your door. Delivery charges are based on mileage to your location, which makes it simple to purchase items and know the cost to get it from our store to you. If you live within 10 miles, for example, the fee is just $40 for delivery. That’s a deal you can’t beat!

We are here to help you find what you’re looking for! Get in touch with us today by calling 717-733-4934 if you would like to speak with us. You can also email us at We’re ready to take your call and speak with you now.

where every purchase is a gift to the world

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