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Silent Auctions

You’re Going to Love These Thrift Shop Finds: We Have Quality Silent Auctions!

Here at ReUzit On State, we make sure you get the best thrift shop finds at prices that you can afford. We have silent auctions, so you can bid on your favorite pieces. We love our silent auctions, and this is why. Each person gets to make a bid on items that they love. You’ll be given a bid number, and you can use that number to bid on the items that we have selected for the auction. You can use your bid number on multiple items and add the amount you’re willing to pay for a piece.

On our Silent Auction Bid Book, you’ll add the item number of the item you’re interested in buying. Then, add your bid amount. We will note the required bid increments on the sheet, so it’s easy to know what to write down. You will need to place your bids in person, but you can call in and ask the status of any item at your leisure. We would be happy to let you know if you’re still a high bidder!

The auctions end at the close at the business day once six days have passed since the last bid. That’s when the winner will be contacted. No silent auction goes longer than 12 weeks, so you can trust that you’ll get your item within 12 weeks! Missed out but were bidding on the item? If the high bidder doesn’t respond or can’t pick up the item within six days, it goes to the next highest bidder. We think you’re going to love this process, and we think we’ve done everything to make it as fair as possible for our patrons. Join us and see our amazing merchandise.

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