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Silent Auction

  1.  A Bid Number may be obtained at Customer Service or the  Silent Auction Counter.

  2. All bidding is done in-store  in the Silent Auction Log Book. 

  3. Inspect the item, do your research and place a bid on the numbered bid sheet that corresponds with the item. 

  4. Each bid sheet has a brief description and the required bid increments.

  5. Write in your bid number and the amount you wish to bid.

  6. Some items have a "Buy Now Option" with a set price. Interested bidders have the option to bid or to pay the set price on those items.

  7. Check back often to make sure you are still the top bidder.

  8. At the close of 6 business days without any new bids, the last bid will be accepted and the person will receive a call the following business day.  If a silent auction on a particular items continues for more than 12 weeks, the last three bidders will be given an opportunity to make a final sealed bid.

  9. The silent auction item will be held for six business days and the winner must pay and pick up the item within that time. If it is  not picked up, the item will go to the next highest bidder. 

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