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To place bids in our Silent Auction, you need to be assigned a bid number. 

Visit the Customer Service Desk to request a bid number.  You will be asked to provide your name and at least one phone number. 

Bid numbers do not expire, you may use it to place bids on multiple items.

If you forget or misplace your bidding number, we will be happy to look it up for you -- simply visit the Customer Service Desk.




silent auction

The Silent Auction gives you the opportunity to determine the price of an item by bidding on select merchandise. Once you register for a bid number, we invite you to stop by often to see the variety of items, such as jewelry, vintage antiques, collectibles, musical instruments…you never know what might be waiting for your bid!


1. Open the "Silent Auction Bid Log Book" to the Item # bid sheet you desire to bid on.

2. Write the date, your assigned bid number, and your bid amount.  Please note: bid increments are determined for each item and are noted on each bid sheet.

*** All bids need to be placed in person. However, you are welcome to call in and request to know the status of an item -- days since last bid, amount of last bid, etc.

3. The auction for each item ends at the close of the business day, after 6 business days with no new bids placed.  At that time, the last bid is accepted and the the last bidder will be called the following business day.


If an item continues on Silent Auction for more than 12 weeks, we will close the auction by taking final sealed bids from the last few bidders.

4. We will hold silent auction items for pick up for 6 business days from the close of auction.  If an item is not picked up within 6 business days, it will go to the next highest bidder.


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