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Choose Thrift First

In need of a new pair of shorts for the summer? Hoping to snag a gift for a new grandchild? It’s easy to pop to the mall and visit the stores you know well to buy a new item for yourself or loved ones but it isn’t the only option. Being a conscientious consumer and living your values through thrifting can be a great way to better the environment and share the excitement of finding the perfect item second-hand.

During 2021, MCC Thrift hosted the #ThriftFirst campaign which asked shoppers to pledge to prioritize shopping at thrift stores rather than big box and mall shops. Almost 2000 people pledged and dedicated their dollars to second-hand shops like MCC thrift stores. These savvy shoppers aren’t the only ones taking a pledge like this — campaigns to buy less from big corporations and instead focus your consumption to thrifting are becoming very popular.

Remake, a non-profit focused on making the fashion industry climate-friendly and equitable, started the #NoNewClothes pledge to encourage consumers to reflect on their purchasing habits and buy no new clothing items for at least 90 days. Much like MCC Thrift Stores campaign to #ThriftFirst, this pledge focuses on the benefits of mindfully shopping for the global community and for the environment. Remake reported that Americans purchase an average of 16 pieces of new clothing every 90 days — their calculations show that refusing to be

a part of this norm saves about 9,705 liters of water, 207 kg of carbon dioxide emissions of waste and $471.

Even celebrities are signing on to the pledge. Most recently, Ginger Zee of Good Morning America pledged to buy no new clothes from June to September. She can be seen reporting the weather every morning in vintage, thrifted clothes and stylish reworn pieces. Ginger Zee knows it: #ThriftFirst is the best way to get bang for your buck and look good doing it. Join Ginger and thousands of others pledging to shop secondhand by visiting ReUzit on State the next time you go shopping.

Madeleine Janz is a Lancaster-raised, NYC-based journalist on the entertainment and fashion beats. In her free time, she is an avid thrifter.


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